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The first step in the process is to Glorify God, and our weekend worship gathering is used to help people CONNECT-with God in heartfelt worship and a compelling Christian community.

The worship gathering is one door where guests, new people, and those exploring faith enter the church. It is also the weekly event where Christ followers draw close to God through heartfelt worship and dynamic teaching based on the centrality of the Word of God.

People are equipped and growing in their ability to study and apply Biblical truth in ways that lead to a scripturally integrated life. People leave worship knowing something more about the heart of God and about their own heart.

Check out a Worship Celebration Gathering on our site to sample what it would be like to attend.

What you will find at New Life Community Church:

  • A casual and comfortable atmosphere

  • Friendly people - who enjoy meeting new people

  • Music that is positive and upbeat - to listen to or sing along with

  • Messages that make sense - real help from the Bible for daily life

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