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Mark is a young man who grows up in the early church and becomes a leader with the apostle Paul. He accompanies Paul on his missions and writes one of the gospels. Mark’s prime purpose is to present in writing the witness of the apostles to the facts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Mark’s is the shortest of the Gospels as well as the most action filled. Mark emphasizes what Jesus did rather than what he said. Jesus, the Word made flesh and living among us provides us with the perfect example in the way that he lived with God, his followers and with people from vastly different contexts. Consider what it means to be a disciple of Jesus-someone who looks like Jesus and imitates what Jesus does, to help us thrive not just survive. As we go through this series, listen for what God is saying as you move the information provided into imitation in your life. While the predictable patterns and life of Jesus provide the perfect example, I am called as a disciple to be a living example.


January 21: Who Do People Say That I AM?”

The Word: Mark 8:27-38

Feel: Peter alternately shows great insight & great dullness in response to Jesus’ identity and his mission.

Know: Jesus was making disciples in a life-on-life way, every day - as they walked along the road, shared meals, and experienced the Kingdom of Heaven on earth together. Jesus developed deep trust and equipped, empowered, and deployed key leaders (the 3, 12, 72) to do the same.

Desired Outcome: Creating a Vibrant Culture. Jesus provided a culture that was constantly calibrating Invitation + Challenge. Jesus + 12 disciples + 3 years = a movement that changed the world. When you build the church, sometimes you get disciples. When you make disciples, you always get the Church!


January 28: “Follow Me”

The Word: Mark 3:13-19

Feel: Jesus (the Word made flesh) is God with us and while Jesus is the perfect example, we are invited to be living examples as we imitate the life & way of Jesus.

Know: A Jesus-Shaped Life includes a close connection with God (UP) – one in which Jesus says he only does what the Father tells him. A close relationship with a few disciples (IN) – who are experiencing the calibration of Invitation and Challenge and who are living into the Way of Jesus. And who together go OUT to make disciples and reveal the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in tangible ways.

Desired Outcome: A Jesus Shaped Life. To complete the Disciple Self-Assessment, go to: and click the provided link- What is your SHAPE as a Disciple? Which dimension is most developed, least developed? Is your living example as a disciple worthy of imitation? Why?


February 4: “The Time Has Come”

The Word: Mark 1:14-20

Feel: God speaks! Are we Listening? Even more, are we Hearing and putting into Practice what God is saying?

Know: Jesus announced that the time of the Kingdom of Heaven has come. Jesus invites us to Repent (to turn) and to Believe (to take steps in faith) trusting the words spoken by God. As followers of Jesus, we often need guidance to learn how to Hear and distinguish with clarity God’s voice, as well as how to invite encouragement and appropriate accountability as we put God’s plan into practice.

Desired Outcome: Hear & Practice. Do I believe that God Speaks today? What are some examples that demonstrate that I practice the discipline of Hearing and Practicing what God is saying in my life?


February 11: “Who Ever Does God’s Will…”

The Word: Mark 3:31-35; John 15:1-12; Gen. 1:26-2:3

Feel: Do I tend to rest after work, or do I tend to work from a place of rest?

Know: Jesus’ words of comfort and instruction to the disciples are a reminder of the rhythm and the significance of abiding in the vine to bear fruit in abundance. We Thrive when we live an integrated life. A life with healthy rhythms that produces fruit reflective of a Kingdom harvest that brings glory to God.

Desired Outcome: From Survive to Thrive. As a Disciple who seeks to look like Jesus and to do what Jesus does - I will practice healthy rhythms, living an integrated life abiding in the true vine, and seeking to witness abundant Kingdom fruit that brings glory to God. To Thrive we need to demonstrate healthy daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms in our personal life and in our extended family.


February 18: “Praying Like Jesus” (Lent began Wednesday, February 14th)

The Word: Mark 1:32-39; Luke 11:1-4

Feel: Do I pray? When I pray, what is the primary focus of my prayers?

Know: Jesus shares a definitive teaching of what it looks like to pray as a disciple, member of the family, and ambassador. Praying like Jesus demonstrates a conversational communication with God where the connection involves both listening and sharing.                                                Desired Outcome: Praying Like Jesus. As a Disciple who seeks to look like Jesus and to do what Jesus does. I will practice prayer the way that Jesus prayed seeking to recognize and securely reside as a follower who lives Up, In, and Out. In the week ahead, practice praying all 6 petitions. Be sure to linger in each petition, praying thoroughly, before moving on.


February 25: “Connecting Like Jesus”

The Word: Mark 6:6-12; Luke 10:5-6

Feel: How would I describe Peace? Do I tend to keep to myself or share my Peace with others?

Know: Jesus sends out the disciples with instructions to go 2 x 2, to pack light, and to extend your welcome and peace to others. Where your peace rests, stay, share, and invite the good news. PEACE = Hospitality, Welcome, Greetings, Good Intentions. Where it rests, hang around with these folks sharing the good news and inviting the Kingdom of God to be present.

Desired Outcome: Connecting Like Jesus. As a Disciple who seeks to look like Jesus and to do what Jesus does - I will extend my Peace looking to see on who and where it rests and then stay there, sharing and inviting the good news to be present.


March 3: “Mentoring Like Jesus”

The Word: Mark 9:14-32

Feel: Do I tend to engage most with Jesus’ invitation to Come … or to Go? Do I tend to resonate more with the Great Commandment or the Great Commission?

Know: A follower of Jesus engages the invitation to Come and the call to Go. This is a journey of development and deployment that includes teaching, training, lots of practice, and Holy Spirit power as we live the Great Commandment + Great Commission.

Desired Outcome: Mentoring Like Jesus. This is a journey of development and deployment that includes teaching, training, lots of practice, and Holy Spirit power as we live the Great Commandment + Great Commission.

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